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Premier League Productions

Premier League Productions gave us the opportunity to help tell the story of one of England’s footballing legends. Using animation to complement the humour of Crouch’s storytelling style, Jammy Custard was able to create a design that showcases Crouch’s personality in a way that’s instantly recognisable to fans.

The end result? A series of short animations that fit within a live-action interview bringing the life of one of the UK’s most recognisable athletes to the small screen. 

Absolutely brilliant!

“When we first had the idea to use animation for the show I had a rough idea of the type of thing I was looking for but what you have produced has way surpassed that! The attention to detail on Crouch himself, the little sound effects and backgrounds are absolutely brilliant!”

Animation Production Team

Patrick Hathaway
Matthew Creed

Matthew Creed

Art Director
Kyle Abraham

Sound Designer
Tom Kavanagh

Kyle Abraham
Kristiyan Zhekov

Matthew Creed
Arty Hunt

Premier League Productions

Saoirse O’Connor