Protect our Plants!

HM UK Government Animal & Plant Health Agency

The Welsh countryside is very beautiful and very important to Wales’s success. Non-native pests and bacteria pose a serious threat to Welsh agriculture and the health of its natural environments.

But how do you make the public engage with pests that are hard to spot and they’ve never heard of? You create an appealing character, with a witty and engaging script to build a personal connection with the problem and incite the public to bee the solution.

A 3.5-minute video that premiered at the Royal Welsh Show, uses friendly designs to make the threat of invisible/microscopic pests visible and memorable.

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Please visit the Animal & Plant Health Agency and find out more about how we can all contribute to protecting our natural environments.

Animation Production Team

Patrick Hathaway

Matthew Creed

Art Director
Kyle Abraham

Sound Designer
Tom Kavanagh

Kyle Abraham

Matthew Creed

Noni Lewis

Patrick Hathaway