Foolish Mortals

Jammy Custard Animation has joined forces with David Younger and Inklingwood Studios on the development of their new point & click adventure game, ‘Foolish Mortals’. 

‘Foolish Mortals’ is a ‘merry and macabre’ adventure across Devil’s Rock, an island haunted, literally, by its former inhabitants. Obsessed with finding the lost treasure of Bellemore Manor, Murphy McCallan encounters ghosts, voodoo, and an evil Phantom who wants the treasure as their own! Eccentric characters and exciting puzzles populate the mysterious island of Devil’s Rock in this classic style point & click adventure.

With former theme park designer, David at the helm, and an incredible team stocked with artists from definitive games like the EverQuest and Broken Sword series, ‘Foolish Mortals’ is a world that players won’t be able to resist exploring, rebooting a classic atmosphere for modern gaming. 

It’s been an ambition of Jammy Custard’s to take on the challenge of a videogame, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to explore the possibilities of the world of ‘Foolish Mortals’ and each character in it. The project is a dream come true for the team and combines Jammy Custard’s passion for compelling storytelling, animation and video games. 

Foolish Mortals in-game screenshot
Foolish Mortals - Manor in-game screenshot

Animation Director, Matthew Creed said “Having grown up with point & click games, this job is a dream. We knew going in that the task would be huge; but also an incredible amount of fun. We’ve been blown away by the scope of the project and the artwork that was in place before we joined.”

David said, “Jammy Custard is bringing the world of Foolish Mortals to life – which is especially impressive when half the characters are dead! Through their animation, they are infusing character, personality, humour, and excitement into the game, and it’s been a joy to see each new animation they’ve created throughout the development process.:

Early responses to the project have been extremely exciting, and we can’t wait to reveal more of the team’s hard work soon! ‘Foolish Mortals’ style, atmosphere and gameplay are sure to establish it as a new classic of the genre. 

“It’s impressive how much David had thought about animation, and working with him has been a great cooperative experience. Playing a part in the development of ‘Foolish Mortals’ and being able to add our own mark to the game through the animations we create has been amazing” added Matthew. 

‘Foolish Mortals’ is initially expected to release on Steam, iOS and Nintendo Switch. A demo of the game is currently in the works, and players should have an opportunity to experience ‘Foolish Mortals’ for themselves later in the year.  

To stay up to date on any announcements or for sneak peeks, follow ‘Foolish Mortals’ on Steam, Twitter and Facebook.

Foolish Mortals - Beach in-game screenshot
Foolish Mortals - Crypt in-game screenshot
Foolish Mortals - Harbour town in-game screenshot
Foolish Mortals Game Poster